Don’t Invite Someone


Your Chapter does not grow because you invite people. Your Chapter grows because you bring guests to it.

Invite?… Bring? What is the difference? Actually, there is a stark difference.

Some Chapters will encourage one another to invite someone to the meeting. The members may very well do that. Week after week; however, there are no guests. Why? It is simply a matter of attitude and effort.

When we tell members to invite someone, they can easily do that (and usually do). Perhaps they send an e-mail or make a phone call. With minimal effort they feel as if they have fulfilled their obligation to the Chapter. They can then show up to the weekly meeting and honestly tell their fellow members “I invited someone.”  Even a member who calls a prospect at 7:30 PM the night before the 7:30 AM meeting can make this claim.

Committing to bring a guest, however, is more of a definitive commitment. When the meeting starts, you have either lived up to your commitment or not. There is no middle ground.

Bringing a guest requires more of an effort. You might have to contact several prospects and really engage them in conversation. You might have to play phone tag. You might have to send out multiple e-mails. You might have to pick someone up to ensure they show.

Here is the reality: Committing to bring guests is immensely more productive than merely inviting someone. With that simple change in attitude (and following with action) you have done something tangible to grow your Chapter and at the same time elevated your stature amongst your fellow members.

So from this point forward, absolutely, unequivocally, stop just inviting someone to your Chapter. Instead commit to bringing a guest, and then follow through.

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