AmSpirit Rx (Embrace Importance)

Research has shown that you are twice as likely to consider yourself successful if you embrace the importance of those around you and their positive impact on your life.

To this end, remember that every contact holds opportunity and every person has value. Find it and you will improve your own value in the process.

Carpenter, S. 2000.  “Effects Of Cultural Tightness and Collectivism On Self-Concept and Causal Attributions.”  Social Science 34: 38-56

Why just be in the network when you can own the network? 

Consider a franchise with AmSpirit Business Connections.

Highly Affordable, With A Great ROI … And,

  • Dovetails With Existing Business or Profession … And,
  • Enhances Your Professional Presence Within The Community

Contact Frank Agin ( or visit for details.

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