AmSpirit Rx (Get Out Of Your Chair)

It is easy to get holed up in your office or other workplace, busily doing what you do. Life is comfortable there. You have a computer … a phone … and a big comfy chair. Isn’t it just so easy to stay put?

Don’t do the easy thing. Get yourself up and out of that chair and leave the office.

Go for a walk amongst people …

Go have lunch at a restaurant …

Go shopping …

Although none of this is direct networking, the action alone will propel you out amongst people – which will cause a powerful change to your mindset that will lead to networking.


Consider a franchise with AmSpirit Business Connections.

• Highly Affordable, With A Great ROI … And,
• Dovetails With Existing Business or Profession … And,
• Enhances Your Professional Presence Within The Community

Contact Frank Agin ( or visit for details.

This not for you, but someone else … refer someone that franchises and we will pay you $4,000.00.

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