Hobby To Honorable Business Via AmSpirit

At AmSpirit Business Connections, what we do is not nearly as important as why we do it. Our intent is to help our members realize their goals and dreams relative to their business whether those are financial, personal freedom or stature in the community. Consider the case of Dr. Jack Starr.

In 1961 he moved to London, Ohio from his humble beginnings in tiny Wellston, Ohio. After working his way through Ohio University and the Ohio State College of Medicine completely debt-free, he intended to settle in as a small town doctor as Norman Rockwell might depict. That he did, until 1997 when he retired from his medical practice.

It was, however, in 1984 that he embarked on a venture that would lead him into AmSpirit Business Connections. That year he started the London Trophy Business as a hobby and moved it in the basement of home.

In the early years, he produced awards for London High School, a bowling league and the Madison County fair. In 1987, Jack eventually moved the business to downtown London, added a gift shop and re-branded it as Starr Trophy. Still Starr Trophy remained a quaint, little business, in a quiet, little town. It was all but invisible from the growing Columbus, Ohio business community 40 miles to the east.

That all changed in 1993 when Jack Starr and his long-time assistant, Patty Boerger joined what is now AmSpirit Business Connections. That year, Starr Trophy received its first AmSpirit Business Connections qualified referral and Jack has not ever questioned his decision to become a member.

Over the years, Jack and Patty have given their share of referrals. As they have been involved with a couple Chapters during their tenure as well as participated in area wide events, they have been exposed to dozens and dozens of members. Jack and Patty have made use of those connections countless times for dental work, financial services, insurance, and even a roof for Starr Trophy.

More importantly, however, AmSpirit Business Connections has helped Jack turn Starr Trophy into more than just a hobby. It employs him, Patty and a few others full-time. It is a full-fledged business. Currently, while it still serves London High School, it also has over 10 central Ohio school districts as clients, many referred from fellow members of AmSpirit Business Connections. While there is still the original bowling league, members have referred Starr Trophy to do awards for New York Life Insurance, National Ski Patrol, and the Ohio State Coaches Golf Outing. And, if you let him, Jack would go on and on with what AmSpirit Business Connections has meant to him.

Jack sums up his experience in AmSpirit Business Connections very simply: “I got into this is 1993. I would not have stayed in, if it did not work.”

This is why AmSpirit Business Connections does what it does – to take the dreams and aspirations of a small town doctor help make them a reality … transforming a hobby into an honorable business.

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