How To Get More People To Read Your Sales Letter

Of course, a great headline is a must if you are going to attract a reader’s attention. But what works even better is to use a sub-headline that spells out the top benefits of your product or service.

By spelling out the benefits right after the headline, you immediately tell the reader if the letter is for him. If it is, then he’s pulled right into it.

Remember that anybody that purchases anything…no matter what it is…is always silently asking: “What’s in it for me?”

So if you answer that question right away, you will get your reader’s attention, provided you’ve targeted him correctly.

Now because the reader is pulled into your letter doesn’t mean he’s going to read it all the way through. That depends on how well the rest of the letter promises to fulfill on the headline and sub-headlines…how well your copy is written.

But a big part of the job of pulling him into the letter is the sub-headline.

So remember the next time you write your headline, you can power it up, and draw your reader in, by adding a sub-headline that attractively describes the benefits the reader will get.

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