How To Get Your Snail Mail Read…

You should always make your mailings look personal. Personal-looking, first-class mail, always, always gets opened…especially, if it’s Federal Express mail. As much as 75% of bulk mail, which is really junk mail, gets thrown out, without ever getting opened. This is important to remember. So, even if you only handwrite the address on the envelope, it will look more personal and chances are that it will be opened.

Also, use regular stamps on the envelopes. Don’t use the bulk rate stamps. But if you must use bulk rate stamps, do your best to make the rest of the envelope look like personal mail…stay away from the bulk mail look.

And if you want to increase the chances of your mail being opened, send it by Federal Express. Of course, this is a lot more expensive to do. But if you are mailing to high-value prospects, especially those with a high lifetime value, then this is one way to increase the probability of getting your mail read.

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