How To Use Photo Captions To Get What You Want

For each image, illustration, or photograph you use in your direct mail letter or package, be sure to use a caption to reinforce the benefits of the product depicted. A caption is a title, short explanation, or description that tells what the photo, illustration, or image is about.

Even though the intent of the image may seem obvious to you, it may not be obvious to your reader. You want to make sure the reader interprets the image the way you want them to. Otherwise, they’ll put their own meaning on it. That meaning may be counter to what you intend and, therefore, defeat your purpose.

So don’t leave anything to chance. Always be sure to add a caption to convey the exact meaning you want the reader to get.

For instance, say you included a picture of yourself in the sales letter. Don’t just include the photo. Instead, include a caption quote under the photo of you saying something about your product, or about what your company stands for, etc.

Another reason you want to add a caption is this…if the reader has to stop and wonder what the photo is about, you have broken the flow of the reader. When you break the flow, you increase the chance that he will stop reading. If that happens, you lose a potential customer.

So take adding captions seriously. Without them, your prospect-to-customer conversions will be low, compared to what it could be with the proper captions.

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