How You Share Your Message with Others

How You Share Your Message with Others

In your 30-second commercial, the Basic Introduction (name, business, what you do) is an essential element. However, there are relatively few options for you to present this information. It is largely void of creativity, right? That’s okay because the time for creativity is in how you share your message with others.

You see, your message is essentially the heart and soul of your 30-second commercial, and you can approach it from many different angles. To get your point across, you can INFORM, EDUCATE, AMUSE, or STARTLE the listener.

You might be thinking, “But there’s nothing remarkable about what I do.” Certainly, what you do may seem like basic vanilla…to you. But it might not be to others who aren’t in your field. So, try to convey in your message all the different WHERE’S and HOW’s you do what you do. With that, you can add some creativity to your message body.

Consider a real estate agent. “My name is Bob. I’m a real estate agent with ABC Realty. I help people buy and sell houses.” Sounds rather “vanilla”, right? But there are lots of reasons, situations, and stories around when and why people buy or sell a house. What if instead, Bob said:

  • “My name is Bob. I’m an expert at helping growing families get out of an apartment and into their first home.”
  • “My name is Bob with ABC Realty. Yesterday I helped a family find the perfect second home outside the city for quick getaway weekends.”
  • “I’m Bob with ABC Realty. Quick question. How do you fit a family of six with two dogs in a 1200 square foot home? Answer. You don’t! You call me to help find a larger home within your budget.”
  • “Have you ever thought about flipping houses for profit? Did you know [insert an obscure or fun fact about flipping houses]? My name is Bob with ABC Realty and I specialize in helping people find their first flip.”
  • “Last week I closed on a condo for a couple whose youngest child just got married and moved out. Their dream had always been to downsize to a condo once the kids were gone. Last week that dream became a reality. I’m Bob with ABC Realty.”
  • “My name is Bob. I’m a realtor with ABC Realty. I had coffee the other day with a guy who just inherited some money and is looking at investment possibilities. Being a realtor, I suggested investing in a rental property. He seemed intrigued and we have an appointment next week to explore some possibilities.”

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