Lose The Sight Of Shore (335)

Lose The Sight Of Shore
Lose The Sight Of Shore

For centuries, sailors whisked around the oceans and seas, with the shoreline clearly insight. While there were still risks, this vocation offered them an exceptional livelihood relative to their “land-bound” contemporaries. Despite this, seldom did any of these sailors ever achieved great fame or fortune.

A select few, however, were not content with hugging the coast. Rather, they were endowed with an uncommon courage that inspired them to venture out. Push beyond the horizon. And lose the sight of shore.

Because of this exploration, these brave sailors became rich and have gone down in history as discovering new oceans, fruitful lands, and interesting people.

Today, the same rules apply. There is a decent living working hard and playing it safe. But the real fame and fortune go to those willing to venture out and do something bold. If you want to discover that new ocean, whatever that might be, you need to have the courage to lose sight of shore.

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