AmSpirit Rx (Network With A Purpose)

If you are not entirely comfortable at events that are solely networking in nature, you are not alone. With no formal agenda or mission (other than networking), the setting can be intimidating. Nevertheless, you still must network.

Here is a solution, try to attend gatherings that have more of a purpose.

Activities such as educational or cultural seminars, interactive classes and workshops have the benefit of providing intellectual content as well as purposeful networking among those with similar interests. Plus, in these situations you can use the program content as a great jumping off point for conversation.


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One thought on “AmSpirit Rx (Network With A Purpose)

  1. This is a good topic with a great remedy. However, there will still be some who will attend the event with no real purpose or agenda. If this is a type of tradeshow, I would suggest finding no more than five people manning booths to start a conversation with. They are a captive audience for a short time, and are there to be talked to. If it is just a mixer, take inventory of the room; chances are there is someone present you know. If not, ask someone at the check-in table to introduce you to the organizer; from there you can ask "who do I need to know tonight?" and see what happens.

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