AmSpirit Rx (Networking: A Quality Affair)

When at a social function, business gathering or chamber function, the quantity of contacts you make is meaningless. The important thing is the quality of the relationships you develop.

There is an inverse correlation between the number of relationships a person attempts to maintain and the quality of those relationships.

So next time you are at a social function, business gathering or chamber function, adhere to the “Power of One”… while you may meet lots of people, make it your goal to find just one person with whom you can focus on developing a solid, productive relationship. If you consistently do this, then eventually you will notice an increase in the quantity of business referrals, information and other contacts you receive.


Consider a franchise with AmSpirit Business Connections.

• Highly Affordable, With A Great ROI … And,
• Dovetails With Existing Business or Profession … And,
• Enhances Your Professional Presence Within The Community

Contact Frank Agin ( or visit for details.

This not for you, but someone else … refer someone that franchises and we will pay you $4,000.00.

One thought on “AmSpirit Rx (Networking: A Quality Affair)

  1. So many networking groups yet most people seem to talk about me. What do I gain, who is going to help me, what do I get out of it.Take a moment and consider how often you stop to help a person is complaining that they do not have enough business. Make your networking efforts about others. How may I help you.The Law of Attraction states that what you send out comes back to you. Try it, you'll be amazed.

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