Networking: The Key Ingredient To Professional Services Franchises

In business there is much that goes into being successful. No matter what franchise you own, it is more than just one thing that puts you on the map and keeps you there.

  • You need to not only be well capitalized, but also carefully manage cash flow.
  • You need to harness technology to the extent possible, integrating hardware, software, Internet, social media, and mobile telecommunication.
  • You need to not only find good people, but then also put them in the right position.
  • You need to have a good product or service which is competitively priced, with consistent quality, and delivered it in an effective manner.

And this list could go on. For professional services franchises there is an added key ingredient for success: Networking.  Most other businesses (franchised or otherwise) can rely on marketing and advertising to drive sales.  With white collar type franchises, however, business comes from cultivating relationships.

If you are considering a professional services franchise (or if you own one), you need to get yourself out amongst people, even if the opportunity is just a part time one. This networking encompasses many things, including (in no way limited to):

  • Attending business after hours, open houses, conferences and other networking events.
  • Volunteering with local charities, school activities or civic organizations (such as Toastmasters, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.).
  • Joining (and becoming involved with) business organizations (such as Chambers, industry or trade associations and structured referral organizations).
  • Actively engaging in social media of all types (such as electronic newsletters, blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter and (even) Facebook).

All this networking may seem time consuming and pointless, at times. It isn’t. The people you meet and relationships you develop will score big dividends in the end.

Networking. It will create buzz about you and your franchise. It will develop word-of-mouth. It will generate quality business referrals. In summary, all that networking (even the seemingly time consuming and pointless stuff) will serve as a key ingredient for you professional services franchise success.

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