“One Rule You Should Never Break…”

Here is a rule you should never break in marketing—Test every marketing piece you create.” According to Ken Varga, author of “How To Get Customers To Call, Buy & Beg For More”, “Test everything…before you spend any money or time rolling out a big campaign. For my whole 38-year career, I have created hundreds of sales letters and other marketing collateral, and I can tell you that I always tested before I rolled out a campaign in its entirety.”

Just like in real estate, there is a saying called: Location location location. In marketing, it’s all about testing, testing and doing more testing. You know, it’s amazing how very few companies ever test any aspect of their marketing by comparing it consistently to something else.

And you know what? Fewer have a “control” to test against. They bet their whole destiny on conjecture and subjective decisions. I often times hear, “Oh, I have a great ad. I love it”.

You should never fall in love with any marketing piece. Either it produces business or it doesn’t.

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One thought on ““One Rule You Should Never Break…”

  1. I am learning more about improving my marketing from this blog (and my mentor) than in my entire career! I never realized a marketing piece should be tested before release, and using a control no less! I have signed up for the suggested marketing tips to learn more. This will help both marketing my own business and that of others as I continue to grow in my field of graphic design. Thank you for this post!

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