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AmSpirit Member’s Two Year Project Finally Ready!

Amongst performance improvement consultants, there is a saying, “That which is measured gets acted upon.” In short, if you track performance, it will likely improve.

The evidence of this is all around us. A law firm track their staff attorney’s time and billable hours soar. A company ties it bonuses to the stock price and employees double their efforts. A business gives raises on productivity and employees show up early, stay late and work like a dog in between. That which is measured gets acted upon.

AmSpirit Business Connections’ Tom Anderson believes that this same principle can improve referrals. Anderson, the owner of Excelleweb, has spent the last two years creating Referral Metrics along with software developer Nick Sisco. Referral Metrics is a website ( the empowers individuals to track all their networking activities, such as where they connect with people, with whom they give and get referrals from and even the dollars they generate.

“As business professionals, you know that referrals are like gold and as such you network in a variety of places,” Anderson remarks. “You likely give and receive lots of referrals over time. And you likely wonder, ‘What is really working?'”

This is only human nature. After all, any reasonable business person is asking,  “Where should I spend my time networking? … Who are my best referral partners? … How much ROI did I get from my networking efforts?” Referral Metrics answers all these questions, whether the person is tracking information on their computer or the program’s mobile browser.

Anderson understands that the notion of tracking referrals could be foreign to many and thus he is offering a free 15-day trial subscription to Referral Metrics, giving people an opportunity to experience this networking tool. To take advantage of this trial offer, CLICK HERE.

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