436) Add Value Via Social Media.

Add Value Via Social Media

An effective use of social media is to share with your online network. Sure, you can enlighten others on who you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing. But beyond just being like your own personal publicist, you can use social media to add value.

Adding value is important whether you’re networking in a traditional manner or online. People simply want to associate with those that have something to offer. It is human nature. So, you can provide significant value to your online network by sharing content. This can include offering information, providing insights or simply alerting others to opportunities.

Furthermore, just like contributing content, you can add value by engaging your network. Ask questions that allow others to share. Solicit feedback, allowing others to chime in with an opinion. Create a forum for discussion and debate. Each of these creates interaction. With you. Amongst others. And all of it creates value within your network.

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