352) Transitioning On

Transitioning On

Attending networking events is important. So is knowing what to do once you get there. Like, being adept at entering a conversation, making small talk, and then, eventually, moving on.

It’s true. While it’s important to be good at carrying a conversation, it’s equally important to learn how to wrap one up and transition to someone new.

After all, it wouldn’t make sense to spend all your time at an event talking to one person. So, here are some ideas on how you can move from one good conversation to another:

  • “Thanks for your time. I told myself I would meet three interesting people today. I have two more to go.” Or;
  •  “There is someone over there that I need to connect with. Let’s get together soon.” Or;
  • “Is there anyone here in particular you would like to meet? I would be glad to introduce you.”

Any one of these can help you artfully move out of one conversation and set you up to start another.

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Description:Networking Rx: Michelle Tillis Lederman – The Anatomy of a Conversation (EPS 189)

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