394) A Lesson From Master Networkers

A Lesson From Master Networkers

Some people are master networkers. They seem to effortlessly establish, develop and maintain a framework of individuals comprised of family, friends, co-workers, business colleagues and even competitors.

How do they do this? The reality is that master networkers are not necessarily harder working than others. They are not necessarily any more educated. And it has nothing to do with their social status, appearance or luck. The difference is the manner and approach in which master networkers interact with their networks.

Masters know that they need to be more than simply acquainted with their network. Masters look for a deeper relationship with those they associate with. In summary, master networkers strive to develop a mutual sense of knowing, liking and trusting amongst their contacts.

Masters are aware – at least on some level of consciousness – that the notion of ‘know, like and trust’ is the key to forging a powerful and productive relationship. And that is a simple lesson you can take from the master networker.

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