424) Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

This is tough to do, but it is important if you want to succeed at, really, anything, but certainly in building relationships. What is it? Take a hard look at yourself and look for things to improve.

Sure, it is easy to look around and identify the shortcomings of others. But your success will come from fixing your own shortcomings. So, honestly answer questions like these.

  • How consistently do you conduct yourself in a confident, pleasant manner?
  • How much value do you really add to the world around you?
  • To what extent are you considered reliable by others?

Like the fabled magical mirror in Snow White, the answers you get in this self-examination may not be what you hoped for. But even if they’re not, you now have some ideas as to how you can improve. And with this insight, you can commit to fixing your deficiencies which will greatly enhance your chances at success.

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