440) Get First Sometimes

Get First Sometimes

Humans are hard wired for self-preservation. That is, you’re geared to steer clear of potential dangers and protect yourself at all costs. In many respects, this is a good thing. It’s largely kept mankind safe and thriving for literally eons.

This is good, but beware. Sometimes that instinct can undermine your relationships. How? When things in your life don’t work out, that impulse to safeguard yourself can lead you to blame others for the misfortunes you encounter.

No doubt, other will wrong you or simply makes mistakes. But before you lash out (whether inward or outward), think through the situation. What could you have done differently to avoid it?

No, this does not excuse a mistake or misdeed, but it allows you to get a grip on your emotions. This will help you move forward in a mature, professional manner. And that will ensure you continue to win people over in your relationships.

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