265) Focusing On Being Your Best

It’s a natural human tendency, isn’t it? You know, to look over your shoulder to see what the other person has got. Thoughts flow through your mind like …

  • I wonder if I’m in better shape;
  • I wonder if their house is worth more; or,
  • I wonder if they make more than I do.

While these ponderings seem to be natural, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to push these thoughts aside. You know, focus on you. On what you have. On what more you’re looking to achieve.

This is the reality: It does nothing for you to compare yourself to anyone else. After all, no two situations are alike. You have a unique path to this point in time and as such comparing outcomes is pointless.

Never compare yourself to anyone else. Just focus on being your best and doing your best. Not necessarily “the” best, just your best. Great things will follow from that alone.

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