356) The Highest Compliment

The Highest Compliment

The best compliment that you can receive has nothing to do with your intelligence or insight. It has nothing to do with what you achieve or how hard you work. The greatest compliment you can receive is that you are reliable.

Why? It’s simple. Reliability is the foundation upon which all our talents and characteristics rest.

Reliability is everything. A great work ethic will get you nowhere unless you do what you say.  Wonderful insight or superior intellect is critically handicapped by an inability to honor your word. Reliability goes to the heart of establishing others’ trust in you. 

So, if someone says you are being smart, say thanks.  If they call you a hard worker, nod in appreciation.  If you are told you’ve got great insight, smile in gratitude. 

But if someone says they can depend on you, then do all three. Because when they do, they’re indicating you are reliable. And that the highest compliment of all.

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