250) Focus on What You Can Control

Let’s face it. Everyone’s life is full of uncertainty. There is no guarantee of business, employment or income. Any or all of that can be gone tomorrow.

Additionally, no one can say how their health will hold. Illness or worse can come out of nowhere. And every day, you’re getting a little older, increasing the likelihood.

And you can’t control the growth or dimension of your connections. People move. They retire. Allegiances change. Your network is prone to shift. That’s just life.

In short, you cannot be sure as to how anything will turn out. All you can do is double down on the things you can control. And all you can really control is your mindset and the effort you put forth.

So, work hard at whatever you aspire to and maintain a hopeful and positive attitude as you do. Focus on these things and then just let the chips fall where they may.

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