423) Three Ways to Handle Anger

Three Ways to Handle Anger

Anger is very human. It’s an emotion. So, becoming angry is not a failing. Not dealing with it is, however. Dr. John Schinnerer, host of The Evolved Caveman podcast, shares three simple tips for dealing with anger when you feel it rising up inside you.

One: Name it. Studies have shown that simply putting an emotional label on what you are feeling serves to reduce the intensity of that feeling.

Two: Identify what’s underneath. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling beneath the anger?” Most times, there is an emotion preceding your anger, often on the heels of embarrassment, nervousness, sadness or hurt.

Three: Be appropriately assertive. Schinnerer shares that assertiveness lies midway on the scale between being a doormat and being aggressive. Assertiveness requires that you know what you need and speaking up. 

The happiest and most successful relationships (personal or professional) involve those who can effectively deal with feelings of anger. Become one of those people.

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