401) The Best Way From Point A To B

The Best Way From Point A To B

While the direct route usually appears to be the shortest route, in networking it is not always the best path. For example, you might be looking to meet Ms. “Big-Shot Decision Maker.” Standing between you and her, however, (unfortunately) is an impressive gatekeeper system.

Don’t be deterred. Rather commit to taking a circitous route to your intended destination. Ask those in your trusty network for an introduction to someone who might know Ms. “Big-Shot Decision Maker.” Or perhaps a connection to someone who might know someone who might know the ultimate target. Or maybe some insight as to where she might volunteer.

The point is that great contacts are not necessarily the easiest to get to, even though going from point A to B is shortest. Nevertheless, remember to use your network to help you connect. They can help you start at point A, land at point C (and then maybe work through D and E) to ultimately get you to point B.

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