278) Finish Like You Start

Finish Like You Start

When you encounter someone new, how does that interaction unfold?

You make solid eye contact. It’s not a stare, but a definite connecting look where you acknowledge them, right?

From there, you smile. Not a cheesy, forced grin. But rather a genuine smile, one that seems to really comes from the heart.

Then, with the foundation of eye contact and a warm smile, you extend your hand to meet theirs. This handshake is neither a bone crushing exchange nor a loose grasp that makes you wonder if it happened at all. Rather, this handshake is a firm connection of your hand web to theirs.

From here, other polite pleasantries ensue. Introductions. A little small talk. Perhaps it then rolls into business. And if all goes well you settle on a game plan for follow-up interaction.

Then this new connection finishes exactly like it starts: With a warm smile, a firm handshake and solid eye contact.

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