Framework for an Effective 30-Second Commercial

Framework for an Effective 30-Second Commercial

Regardless of your objective (to inform or to grow your network), it’s helpful to have a framework for an effective 30-second commercial. First, let’s look at two types of 30-second commercials:

  • The kind you use to inform, like when someone you meet at a social event or other gathering asks, “What do you do?”
  • The kind you use to help grow your professional network, like when you’re at a networking event.

To build a strong network that gives you referrals, contacts, and information, you need to have a concise, yet very compelling, 30-second commercial. The 30-second commercial framework below is helpful when meeting other professionals that you might want to include in your network. The problem is that you have SO MUCH to say, and 30 seconds is not a lot of time. To conquer the challenge of conveying lots of information in a short period of time, give this framework a try.

  • Start with a basic Introduction for yourself (this addresses WHO you are)
  • Add to that a Message (which addresses WHAT you do)
  • From there, you need to Inspire Confidence or create credibility (which establishes WHY you over all the other choices)
  • Then wrap this up with a Strong Definite Request of what you need (this is the HOW they can help you).

Now, if you carefully draft each of these sub-parts and then piece them together with your own personal flair, you end up with a very effective 30-second commercial. Give it a try and see if this framework for an effective 30-second commercial works for you.