390) Big Impact From Small Things

Big Impact From Small Things

To build a great following of wonderful people, you need to devote time and energy to helping others. Giving referrals. Making introductions. Sharing information. Generally, adding value.

Sure, it might seem like that Herculean effort is the most noteworthy. The bigger the help, the bigger the splash in someone else’s life, right? However, as word of mouth referral expert Matt Wards reminds us: “Sometimes it’s doing something small for someone that really makes a big impact.”

What Ward implies is that you’re not always in a position to share referrals that make someone’s quarter or information that alters the landscape of someone’s business. You are, however, always able to do something. Write a note. Call to just check in. Offer encouragement.

While these small things can seem inconsequential, you never know what impact they can bring. And sometimes the impact can be really big. So commit to doing something small today. And see what it leads to tomorrow.

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378) Tell Me More

Tell Me More.

No one likes conflict. It’s generally human nature to avoid it. But as much as you look to avoid it, at times it finds you, right?

Communication consultant, Kay Coughlin offers a way to de-escalate most any tense situation and it boils down to three simple syllables: Tell me more.

The owner of Facilitator on Fire, Coughlin shares that, “When someone corners you to talk about your job choices, or grills your girlfriend about her ex-husband’s Facebook profile, or tells you how disappointed they are with your cooking, you can always choose to reply, ‘Tell me more.’”

And she encourages you to say it as many times as you need to. It’s a diplomatic and friendly way to let someone talk out their issue. The beauty is, however, that you never have to pretend to agree or even offer your own opinion. Just let them tell you more.

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