282) Poised, Confident and Focused

Poised, Confident and Focused

In his book The Next One Up Mindset: How To Prepare For The Unknown, mental performance coach Grant Parr shared that throughout much of his high school and collegiate football playing career he had the habit of writing the letters “P, C and F” on his taped wrist.

The letters stood for poised, confident and focused. These served as a constant reminder, whether he was a starter or riding the bench, that he shouldn’t lament what isn’t, nor should he get consumed with the chaos around him. Rather, he should remain entirely focused on being ready to do his best when his moment arrived.

Parr shares that insight with both his athlete and corporate clients. You might not be a starter or have the best professional situation. None of that, however, stands in the way of getting yourself ready so that when your moment arrives, you can deliver your best performance. Poised, Confident and Focused!

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333) Your Ally, Pressure

Your Ally, Pressure

Lots of things go into success. One, however, that is seldom mentioned is pressure. To achieve anything, you need to take your abilities to that edge. You know. The one where the situation makes you sit up straight, focus a bit more, and your heart gets racing. It makes you feel alive. If you avoid this sensation, you risk getting stuck in mediocrity.

In his book, The Next One Up Mindset, mental edge guru Grant Parr shares, “If we learn to prepare and train our minds, we too can come to love pressure and use it to our advantage. After all, we mostly create our own pressure.”

Parr is right. Everyone creates their own pressure. The difference is that some allow it to cripple them. Others use it to catapult them forward. If you want success bad enough, learn to have pressure be a catapult for you. Learn to love it. Embrace it. Make pressure your ally, not your enemy.