196) Would You Stop?

In his book, “No One Gets There Alone” author Dr. Rob Bell poses an insightful question: “Would you stop?”

To elaborate, after a grueling one-mile, open-water swim, Bell was 32 miles into the biking portion of a triathlon when his back tire blew out. With neither the equipment nor ability to affect a repair, his race seemed to be over.

Then two competitors stopped, sacrificing their standing in the race, and helped Bell back into the competition. As he raced on, he couldn’t help but ponder, “Would I have stopped?”

That was a moment of great inspiration for him. Bell now not only stops when he sees someone in need, he actively looks for the opportunity. And he doesn’t limit this to athletic competition. It has become a way of life, making small sacrifices to aid others.

So, when he asks others “Would you stop?”, it’s not really a question, but rather an invitation to be part of his team of selfless heroes.

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The Golden Rule in Action

The Golden Rule in Action

No doubt, when interacting with others at networking events you are hopeful of getting things … clients, important contacts, and useful information. Understand this: They are too. You can make an indelible impression on them by finding some way of helping them – even if only in a small way. So as they talk, run whatever they are saying through a filter that queries: “How can I add value to this person?” This is the Golden Rule of Networking – Give first and get second.

There is nothing that says that you have to help them right there and then. If you can help them in that moment, great. If not, do not despair.

Just understand that you make the most of building that connection by trying to find some way you can add value to them later. It might be a referral. It might be a contact. It might be useful information for them.