312) Unmasking The Impostor Within

Unmasking the Impostor Within

At one point or another in everyone’s life there lurks a total fraud. And to spot this person all you need do is look in the mirror. In this moment, the person you see is an imposter relative to what everyone else sees. You might not feel worthy of your position. You might not feel like you’re enough, relative to others.

And that’s not the worst part. As Kay Coughlin, owner of Facilitator on Fire, shares: “The problem with impostor syndrome is that we get stuck in it. We peek into our own minds and see these deflating and downright depressing thoughts and we stop.” Coughlin goes on to explain that you realize the issue but do nothing about it.

So, take action to unmask this impostor. Take inventory of your life and all your accomplishments. Reflect on achievements. No doubt there is a lot there. Then set about telling yourself 100 times before your head hits the pillow: “I am worthy. I am enough.”

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Networking Rx: Impostor Syndrome Reality Check (EPS 170)

Frank Agin, host of Networking Rx and founder of AmSpirit Business Connections, shares research from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas on how to minimize feelings of the Impostor Syndrome.


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