417) Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t Be Jealous

Best-selling author and personal development specialist Lewis Howes shared on Twitter, “Stop being jealous of people in their winning season. You don’t know what they lost in their losing season.”

Howes’ tweet is impactful. It can be easy to become envious (almost jealous) of the achievements of others. Whether it’s a promotion at work, accolades for a business or even a social media post that seems to have inexplicable popularity.

But you need to remind yourself that that those wonderful, notable moments never tell the full story. You might have forgotten about the failures or setbacks, if you knew of them at all. You’re not privy to the heartache or seemingly endless toil that led to that one glorious instance.

As Howes implies, be happy for the victories of others. They’ve earned them. Moreover, it should serve as a beacon of hope that it’s possible for you to achieve the same thing too.

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