403) There Is No Shame In Asking

There Is No Shame In Asking

It’s “human nature.” People are hardwired to help one another. With this, the only thing that separates you from the help that you need is you asking. Dare to ask. Remember, if you are focused on giving and helping others, it is only fair that you also partake from the same process.

  • Let others know what kind of help you want.

  • Describe the types of people you are trying to meet.

  • Explain to your centers of influence how they can help you.

  • Solicit people for information that’s relevant to helping you. 

Understand this, if you are polite in asking of others and appreciative of whatever they give (even if it is only time), people will come through. Not everyone, but enough to make it all worthwhile. Equally important, however, when you reach out to others, you are in essence affirming that they have value to offer. It is a wonderful compliment. For that, they will be flattered.

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