373) Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Why do you go to networking events? Simple. To meet new people and reconnect with those you already know. So, when you’re at these events, to maximize the effectiveness of your “meet and reconnect” mission, don’t stay too long in one place or with one person.

If you stay too long in one place, you’re at the mercy of the natural flow of the event. If you move about, you control where you are and when you get there.

If you linger too long with one person, you risk exhausting a relationship before it gets going. Plus, you lose out of the other potential relationships around the event.

So, here’s the plan. Meet someone. Strike up a good conversation. Exchange business cards. Then, after ten minutes or so, excuse yourself with a pleasantry such as, “It was nice meeting you … there are a couple other people I need to talk with today.” Then move on.

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