166) The House of 1,000 Mirrors

In a far-away village, there was the House of 1,000 Mirrors. It was a magical place with dozens upon dozens of reflective glasses of all shapes and sizes.

One day, a happy dog ventured in, eagerly bounding through the doorway … ears lifted high and tail wagging quickly. The dog delighted in finding 1,000 other happy little dogs looking back.

“WOW! What a wonderful place. I will come back often,” the smiling dog thought.

A short time later, a suspicious little dog slowly entered … head and tail hanging low. To his shock, this dog saw staring back 1,000 unfriendly dogs. Completely panicked, this dog scampered out, vowing never to go back.”

Do you know what? You visit the House of 1,000 Mirrors every day. All the faces in the world reflect exactly what you project.  

So, what kind of reflections do you want to see?

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