438) Network Like A Boy Scout

Network Like A Boy Scout.

In his book Who Do You Need To Meet, professional speaker Rob Thomas reveals that achieving his Boy Scout Eagle Badge taught him the value of community, relationships and service.

He shares, “That training inspired me to become a civic-minded adult. I discovered that if my goal is to meet more people and have them know me better, the easiest way is to volunteer and really become involved.”

Thomas continues to make the point that when you come out of your corner of the world to volunteer, you find yourself shoulder to shoulder with people who share your passion for something. Likewise, they’ve also come out of their corner of the world to serve too.

So, if you want a “feel good” way to get yourself networked, find a charity, organization or initiative you’re passionate about. Then offer up your time, talent and conviction to make a difference. As Thomas might term it, network like a boy scout.

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