416) Outside Your Niche-Driven Silo

Outside Your Niche-Driven Silo

To a degree, being successful requires that you dig into whatever you do and become a master of your craft. After all, we live in an increasingly specialized world where serving a niche well is imperative.

With that mindset, it can be easy to get holed up in a niche-driven silo – whether your office or another workplace – busily doing what you do. Serving clients. Wooing prospects. And learning how to become better at each of those things. Don’t do the easy thing.

Yes, doing what you do will bring success. But that success will eventually plateau and begin to wane. Growth and lasting success come from outside your niche-driven silo. It’s there where you’ll meet wonderful new people and reconnect with colleagues and friends. It’s there where you’ll find groundbreaking new opportunities and fresh ideas.

Yes, dig into your craft and hunker down to serve your clients well. But remember to build into your week time to get out of your silo.

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