Every Contact Has Opportunity

Every contact has opportunity

There are many factors that will help you when building a networking relationship. Key among them is getting people to know, like, and trust you. One factor it the Golden Rule of Networking: Give First, Get Second. Another means of getting others to know, like, and trust you is remembering that Every Contact Has Opportunity.

It is easy to dismiss someone as being of little or no consequence to us. We’re all guilty of doing it. Maybe it was a gas station attendant or a receptionist. It could even have been the kid delivering the paper.

Know this, however:

  • Not everyone will be your next prospective client. But everyone knows someone that might be
  • Not everyone will fit neatly into your network as a center of influence. But everyone is connected to someone who could
  • Not everyone is going to be chock full of useful information but you can bet they sure know a person who is.

So, keep in mind that every contact has opportunity. Everyone has value and every relationship has potential. Knowing this, everyone deserves and should receive respect and attention. Just as you would offer your best clients, centers of influence, or prime information source. If you consistently do this, everyone will Know, Like, and Trust you. And people who do not know you will want to somehow be associated with you.

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The Proper Networking Mindset

It is vital that you understand three recurring networking themes:

  • The Golden Rule of Networking
  • Know, Like and Trust
  • Every Contact Has Opportunity

Beyond these, however, you also need to have the correct networking mindset, as attitude is everything:

  • Believe It Works … Whether you believe networking will work or you don’t, you are going to be right. If you believe in it, you will conduct yourself with confidence and that will draw people to you. If you are skeptical of the activity or its potential, that will serve to repel people from you. Thus, BELIEVE!
  • You Network Well … Remember: Everything you do is networking… Everything you have ever achieved has involved networking … Everywhere you go is networking … Everyone you interact with involves networking. KNOW THIS … You are much better at networking than you likely give yourself credit for.
  • Be Of The Right Mind … Not every day is going to be a good day. As such, if you are not in the right frame of mind (and cannot get there), save your networking for another day … stay home … off the phone … away from e-mail.

In life, attitude is everything. The same is true in networking. Before you network, get the right attitude.