420) I’m Possible

I’m Possible

In Michael Maher’s January 2020 Weekly Words of Wisdom Newsletter, the author and referral consultant shares: “You may think a situation is impossible, a person is impossible to deal with, or a goal too high. Remember the word itself says I’m Possible. A simple apostrophe and space changes everything and that is so true in life.”

As Maher implies, there is no real “impossible,” but just a mindset issue. A small tweak in thought and you’re on your way to conquering what you might not have thought possible.

But it starts with you and your line of thinking. The situation, the person, the goal won’t change until how you think about it does.

So, ask yourself, what could I do differently? How can I think about the situation differently? What are some things I have not considered? Who could I reach out to for some guidance?

In summary, as Maher challenges in his newsletter, “What will make your impossible, possible?”

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