361) Build On Relationships

Build On Relationships

You know lots of people. You do. Think about it. In fact, chances are, you know more people now than you could possibly meet over the next year, maybe two.  You know people in your community. You know people from high school, college, and your career.


So, while meeting new people is always an important part of networking, remember there is a tremendous advantage to networking with familiar names and faces. What is it? These people already have a relationship with you. And that is a wonderful head start to productive and effective networking. All you need to do is capitalize on it.


Given that, focus energy on connecting with the people you already know and reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. Get caught up on their lives. Think of ways you can help them. Share with them about your professional endeavors. And remember to ask for assistance.


In short, build on the relationships you already have.

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Mining Networking Events

Mining Networking Events

Networking events are generally not opportunities for closing business. While you may stumble upon a new client at an event, it’s likely that few if any clients will result from them. Rather than handing out business cards and hoping for success, try mining networking events instead.

What’s the secret to mining an event? Think about how a miner approaches his task. He doesn’t tap-tap here, then tap-tap there, hoping to find some gold. He selects a location where he suspects he’ll find what he’s after, then works that location for a while. As you embark upon networking at events, act like a miner. Do not consume yourself with meeting as many people as you can, collecting and distributing dozens of business cards (tap-tap, tap-tap). Instead, focus on really connecting with a small handful of people. Remember, meaningfully connecting is about the quality of the connection and not the quantity.

Also, remember that networking events are everywhere. Business after-hours are networking events. Tradeshows are networking events. Business parties are networking events. And so are social parties, tailgates, and really any gathering of people. Use each to expand your base of connections, from which you build relationships. Follow this strategy and you’ll be mining networking events in no time!

Build Your Network One Relationship at a Time

Build Your Network One Relationship at a Time

Getting people to Know, Like, and Trust you is dependent upon human interaction. That is face-to-face, in-person conversations vs. connections made over social media. That said, remember to build your network one relationship at a time.

There is an Indian proverb that says, “An eagle that chases two rabbits, catches none.” This is true of relationships as well. You will not be able to develop lasting Know, Like, and Trust if you are focused on multiple relationships at any one time. In fact, the more relationships you attempt to develop at once, the less effective you become.

The point to this topic is this: As you are out being involved, do not feel the need to race about meeting as many people as possible … having quick, shallow conversations … collecting business cards and then haphazardly following up with a plethora of people you can hardly remember.

Rather work to have involved conversations with just a few people (and then attend another gathering and do the same).

  • Learn about people.
  • Invest time in who they are.
  • Be genuinely interested.
  • Conduct yourself so that when you follow up, you can do so with substance.         

By networking in this manner, your network will grow more quickly as people begin to Know, Like, and Trust you. So don’t be an eagle chasing two rabbits and catching none. Instead, build your network one relationship at a time.

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