LinkedIn Active Use 3 of 4

The third active use of LinkedIn is to add value by contributing content. Think for a moment about how you might conduct yourself at a traditional networking event. You stand around talking with people. You start discussions and you contribute to discussions that others have started. You answer questions that others ask, and you ask questions that you look for others to answer. LinkedIn provides this same opportunity for its users.

If you go into any of the groups you have joined, you will see that there are usually numerous discussions going on. Jump in and add value.

This does NOT mean pitch yourself or your product. It means share an opinion or insight. Offer a solution to a problem. Share your experience as it relates to the discussion.

In networking (whether traditional or online), adding value in this manner is critical to keeping you on the minds of others. People want to associate with those who add value, as they cannot help knowing, liking and trusting you.

253) Be Genuinely Happy For Others

This world has more than its share of envy and jealousy. None of this serves anyone. So, resist those feelings as they simply position you with the masses.

Rather, be extraordinary. Find it in your heart to be truly happy for others.

If someone gets a raise or promotion, become giddy for them as if it were your own.

When they get that great house, the one even better than yours, smile for them as they no doubt earned it.

When they find true love, share in their joy and let it warm your soul too.

After all, envy and jealousy will rob you of vital energy. But sharing in the joy of others will serve to lift you and stoke your passion.

Remember, the good fortune of others doesn’t diminish your opportunity for it. Rather it provides a beacon of hope that goodness is out there for you too.

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