388) Initiating Contact

Initiating Contact

When you’re at networking events, it is simply up to you to initiate contact. That is, making contact is 100% your obligation, if you want a productive experience.

You can, however, easily make it happen with three simple steps.

  1. Make meaningful eye contact with people, where you look at them and they look you back in the eye. There is nothing strange about this. It is completely human.
  • With eye contact established, smile. This is not a forced smile, but a genuine “it is good to see you” smile. Chances are, human nature will kick in and they will smile back.
  • With that eye contact and a smile, simply say, “hello.” They may say “hello” in return, or they may say nothing.

Whatever the case, it was your objective (as well as sole obligation) to initiate contact. You’ve done that. Congratulations!

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363) Casting A Positive Stone

Casting A Positive Stone

During the 2019 TEDx program in Detroit, co-organizer Terry Bean briefly took the stage. In the allotted few minutes he shared this one big idea: We all have the ability to cast a positive stone, creating ripples that benefit others.

In addition, he also shared these eight ideas for casting positive stones.

  1. Hold the door for someone;
  2. Celebrate important milestones with the people you love;
  3. Smile, or better yet, make someone else smile;
  4. Lend an ear by being there for those who need you;
  5. Shine the light on people doing excellent work;
  6. Pay it forward with something as simple as buying someone a cup of coffee;
  7. Connect the people you know with the people they need to know; and,
  8. Be kind.

Bean’s list is not just a simple one; it’s also a list of little things that you can do each and every day to create positive ripples in the world.

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Networking Rx: Smile Power (EPS 174)

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