374) Build A Bridge

Build A Bridge

Where would the world be without bridges? You know, those wood or steel structures that serve to connect two things. Without bridges, on a distant shore there would be a great many strangers. Without bridges, lots of roads would dead end at the water’s edge. Without bridges, lives would be tethered to ferries bringing them to and fro.

But bridges are not just physical structures. Bridges are also connections. They are connections you create between yourself and another person. They are connections you create between two people that don’t know each other. They are connections you create between ideas or information and the need for insight.

And just as the world is better with physical bridges, it’s also better because of the bridges you create amongst people, information and opportunities. On the road to success, these bridges are everything. So, take a little time today to build a bridge. It’s the quickest path to lasting success.

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