445) WANTED: Strangers

WANTED: Strangers

Good old Mom told you not to talk to strangers. And that was good advice. Unfortunately, society has that fringe of individuals looking to prey on the innocence of youth.

But that was then. This is now. And you’re no looking that little kid, are you? No! You live in the grown-up world. And while you still need to be aware of certain individuals, generally speaking you’re good to talk with strangers.

After all, in the grown-up world strangers are people just like you. Decent. Responsible. And aspiring, to list a few attributes. In summary, these strangers are new contacts that have a wonderful knack of becoming good friends, great clients and gateways to incredible opportunities.

So, it’s now okay. You can forget Mom’s warnings. Get out there and talk to strangers. But do remember to eat your vegetables. They’re still good for you.

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