285) The Service Effect

The Service Effect

Michael Rogers, president of Teamwork and Leadership, introduces the concept of the service effect in his book, You Are The Team: 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go From Good to Great.

According to Rogers, the service effect is the positive impact that occurs when people begin to serve others. In summary, as you serve, you start to love and care more about those you serve. And then as your feelings of love and caring increase, your desire to serve is further amplified.

Serve more; love more. Love more; serve more. As Rogers points out, the initial act of service is a foundation that builds and builds.

You need no invitation or signal from another to set the service effect in motion in your life. You just need to do something of service. That will infuse your heart with a little bit of love. From there you’ll be inspired to do a little more. And then the effect will only build from there.

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