415) Be Welcoming

415) Be Welcoming

When you invite someone into your home, you go to great lengths to make them feel welcome. You try to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. You endeavor to create a standard of hospitality. You want them to want to come back. Moreover, you hope they share about their experience, so others know of your hospitality.

Obviously, you can’t have everyone to your house. After all, much of the day you’re not even there. So, while you can’t invite everyone into your home, you can and do invite people into your presence.

Be welcoming to them to. Make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Exhibit a level of hospitality for being around you so they want to come back to visit. Create an experience that they share about with others.

If you consistently do this, you’ll have no shortage of great people in your presence. And nothing but good can come from that.

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