306) What You Think About

What You Think About

In his book, The Power of Optimism, corporate psychologist and motivational speaker Tim Shurr shares an important mantra: What you think about comes about. In fact, he feels it’s so important that he writes it three times in a row.

He goes on to elaborate that our minds are hard wired to seek out what occupies it. Right now, your subconscious brain is taking in all the sights and sounds around you. As it does, it filters out the conscious things you’re focused on.

So, if you think about happiness, finding great opportunities, and building wonderful relationships, then your mind will identify for you those things. And as it centers on those positives, it ignores the things that might serve to impair the uplifting energy in your life.

So, what do you want in your life? Write it down. Think about it often. In time, obviously with some effort, it will come to pass. As what you think about comes about.

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