425) Who Are You

Who Are You?

When you introduce yourself, it should obviously address the notion of “who you are.” There is, however, no magic to stating this portion of a basic Introduction. After all, it is … well … basic. Nevertheless, this part of your introduction is important.

In this portion of your introduction you need to clearly articulate your name. And it’s best to lead with how you’d like to be addressed. For example, is it Mike or Michael … Kim or Kimberly? Then clearly state your title and the work you are associated with. Each of these is important.

Now, nothing says it has to be in this precise order … You could achieve the same thing by re-stating the example “Through my business, Breakthrough Champion, I help service-based businesses get more referrals … I am Matt Ward” Or “I am with Breakthrough Champion. My name is Matt Ward and I help service-based businesses get more referrals.”

While there is no magic, be prepared to clearly state “who you are.”

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