435) The Personal Care Package

The Personal Care Package

In his popular book, More … Word of Mouth Referrals, Lifelong Customers and Raving Fans, professional speaker Matt Ward introduces the concept of the Personal Care Package as a means of really staying on the radar of your best referral sources.

He shares, “To cut through the noise of marketing and advertising that bombards your contacts every day, you must find some very clever ways to reach them. Developing your personal care package is the key. This is a series of things you do to ensure that you remain on the top of your contact’s mind.”

Ward essentially asks, “What is it that you could send to your best referral sources?” And he shares that it has to show that you’ve taken note of who they are, what they’ve said, or what really matters to them.

Maybe it’s a unique trinket … an article or other information … or maybe chocolate-covered bacon. Figure that out and then take action.

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