Take Back The Late Return and Late Gift Card

When you run into a customer who wants to return something long after your guarantee period, and of course keep your free bonuses, you are generally better off if you accept the late return.  There are many side benefits to this.

 As long as the returned item is not damaged, go ahead and take it back.  One benefit from this action is that you have a chance for creating a lifetime customer.

 I had an experience where my wife and I went into a store that we had a $50 gift card for.  When we looked at the card it had expired.  I mentioned this to the salesman and he shook his shoulders to signify that he couldn’t do anything about it. 

 Fortunately the manager was nearby and said to go ahead and purchase anything and they would honor the gift card.  We ended up spending over $300 and saved only $50.  Whatever their mark up, they probably still made a hefty profit and had a grateful customer.

Left to his devices, the salesman would have ended up with no sales because he wasn’t thinking big enough. Lucky for him, he had a smart manager.

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