The 400# Fitness Trainer

Imagine if you will, you realize that you have a few L-B’s (aka pounds) to lose and you are now finally committed to making it happen. Through your networking, a contact refers you to a fitness trainer who happens to be reasonably close and reasonably priced. Highly motivated, you schedule your first session and eagerly await this appointment.

When the day finally comes and you arrive for your appointment, you are stunned to meet the fitness trainer. Putting it politely, he is obese – a complete contradiction to what you envisioned. Worse, in one hand, he holds a cigarette and in the other a two-liter bottle of a sugary soft drink.

Nevertheless, you politely go through your first session. Although the trainer seems incredibly knowledgeable and barks you through an incredible workout, you are understandably uncomfortable continuing the professional relationship. This man is simply a poor example of the service and industry he represents.

Certainly, this is an extreme example. The point to it, however, is that you need to make a close examination of your professional self and assess as how you could be a better representative of what you do. From time to time, people will refer to the shoeless cobbler’s son, and the imagery of that likely makes you chuckle.

Before you dismiss this as completely idiotic, you have likely encountered one of the following or something similar:

  • The web developer who has no website;
  • The chiropractor with a bad back;
  • The printer with no business cards;
  • The realtor who lives in an apartment;
  • The financial advisor without two nickels to rub together;
  • The attorney without a last will and testament;
  • The business consultant with no business plan;
  • The insurance agent who does not believe in the products; or
  • The CPA who has not filed a tax return in years.

Is it not possible that, in some small way you are the 400-pound fitness trainer? It is worth consideration. It certainly cannot hurt.

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